Makeup Artist

Kristine Smith

Years of experience: 15

Licensed Esthetician

Expertise: Airbrush/Makeup Artistry, Beauty Specialist & Esthetician

Genesis Perez

Years of experience: 6

Licensed Cosmetologist 
Expertise: Makeup Artist

Light Hair Styling

Beauty Specialist

Ivana Borbon

Years of experience: 7

Certified Makeup Artist

Expertise: Makeup Artistry, Beauty Specialist

Jennifer Gonzalez

Years of experience: 8 

Certified Makeup Artist

Expertise: Makeup Artistry/Beauty

Specialist/SFX/TV Production

Alexandra Hurst

​Years of experience: 6

Certified Makeup Artist​
Expertise: Makeup Artistry/Beauty Specialist/

TV Production 

Maegan Carroll

Years of experience: 8

Licensed Cosmetologist
Expertise: Airbrush/Makeup Artistry,

Beauty Specialist/Hair Styling 

Hair Experts

Cynthia Maldonado

Years of experience: 14

Licensed Cosmetologist

Expertise: Master Stylist, Salon Owner, Updos, 

Cut, Color, Style, Brazilian Blow Out 

Stacey Vazquez

Years of experience: 13

Licensed Cosmetologist 

Expertise: Stylist, Updos, Hair extention guru.